Reporte F.M.I. revisión quinta y sexta SBA con Honduras

ReporteNoviemmbre 2017 Fuente : F.M.I

Adjunto reporte, fechado Noviembre 2017,  del F.M.I.  sobre la revisión quinta y sexta del SBA con Honduras.

Algunos incisos de interés:

1-Inciso 21, pagina 23.

Allowing exchange rate flexibility would be appropriate as market conditions improve. The BCH remains committed to its crawling peg scheme which it believes has provided stability given significant dollarization of the economy. Staff suggested that with the stronger economy and the considerable reduction in fiscal dominance, there is room to allow the exchange rate to be more market-based. The recent reduction in surrender requirements is welcome and further reduction would be desirable once market conditions allow.

2- Inciso 3, pagina 37.

3- Inciso 2, pagina 39.

4- Carta de intención, inciso 2(ii) , pagina 54.